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Who We Are

San Diego Seafood was founded in 1986 by the captain of a Point Loma sport fishing boat.  He spent many years building this company from the ground up but as he ran closer to retirement, he was faced with a choice of closing his business or selling it to someone he found qualified.


Laurie Harper, Vice President, started in this field a little over 33 years ago. She was hired to answer phones and slowly worked her way up to becoming a sales representative. Now an owner, her desire is to expand her clientele along with maintaining her relationship with her longtime, loyal customers. Along with sales, she if our seafood purchaser.


Kathy Strangman, President, set out in this business as an eager 19 year old with her first receptionist job. She was eventually promoted to a sales representative and became a well-respected and admired, female sales executive in a primarily male dominated industry.


The two were joined together in 2003 when Kathy was hired to join the SDSF sales team in which Laurie was already a part of. This chance encounter proceeded to be the opportunity they both had been yearning for. Now incorporated with the entire sales team, they were able to triple their growth since 2001. After just a few years of combining their knowledge of this industry, along with their passion for their customers, they came up with the resources to change their status from sales team to presidents. As the company evolved with its new owners, the number of employees did also. This gave the ability to provide more jobs and serve more of Southern California. This expansion turned the atmosphere from company to family; treating all employees, vendors and clientele as ample parts of the spectrum. As we continue to broaden our facility, we will maintain our ability to provide our customers with the utmost knowledge and service for years to come.